Grand Saline Pays Last Respects To Abandoned Baby

A funeral service was held Friday today for the two month premature baby found last Saturday abandoned by the highway. They came to shed tears for another, and through those tears, seek answers in their own lives.

In the service pastor Jim Atkins spoke about the size of the baby, saying "It could be a china doll to be placed on a what-not shelf. But it's a human being and it has a soul."

The abandoned child, a two month premature baby, was laid to rest. Grand Saline resident Steven Sinclair came to the service, and was saddened by the child's arrangements.

"The site of that little casket, that baby," Sinclair said. "It'll just break your heart a whole lot, cause we all love our kiddos."

The funeral stirred feelings in everyone, especially those with children of their own.

Grand Saline Police Officer Carla Johnson, worked the crime scene last Saturday afternoon. The funeral made her think of her own three kids.

"I have children of my own, I'm sure a lot of people do," she said. "And just to see that, was really a bad thing."

Sinclair agreed. "After having three kids of my own, you just love your babies so much we felt like it was the thing to do to come out here and be with him."

For many, the christian burial was necessary to remind everyone of the baby's fate.

"Where he is," Pastor Atkins says, "There's no pain or no suffering for him, and when he drew his last breath, he was ushered into the presence of the Lord."

The citizens and businesses of Grand Saline gave their money and services to donate the funeral, headstone, and cemetery plot for today's services. The flowers were also donated by a local florist.

Reid Kerr reporting.