2-year-old tests positive for cocaine; parents arrested

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

MOUNT PLEASANT, TX (KLTV) - A couple is now in jail after their two-year-old daughter tested positive for cocaine.

Ricky Dale Velin, 36, and his wife Bridget Mae Velin, 33, of Mt. Pleasant were arrested at the Shadywood Apartments by Titus County deputies. They have been charged with Endangering a Child, a second degree felony.

Their arrest came about after Child Protective Services tested their daughter for illicit narcotics and the tests came back positive for cocaine. CPS had been investigating the Velins for neglect and abuse.

"The Velin's child has been placed with a relative by C.P.S. to remove her from the likelihood of being placed in a dangerous environment that was a continuing threat of harm to the child," said Titus County Sheriff Tim Ingram.

The Velin's are in the Titus County jail with their bonds set at $10,000.00. The charge against the parents carries a maximum sentence of 20 years confinement with the possibility of a fine that won't exceed $10,000.00.

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