Cheap Eats: Keeping money in your pocket

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - Before I hit the road I spotted A&W Grocery and Deli in Tyler. I went in and lucked out finding Cheap Eat number one. A little prep time in the back was well worth the wait and minutes later it was served up: a hamburger, fries and a 20 ounce drink for only $4.32.

Moving on, I came to a crossroads and my Cheap Eats instinct kicked in. Hmm...I spied a smoke house and where there's smokehouses there's bar-b-que! I made my way inside the building. I was met with an array of choices, but it was the bar-b-que sandwich I wanted. Piling the beef on in the back it was wrapped up and brought out. They handed me a chopped beef sandwich and a can drink for the small price of $4.47.

I needed gas so I stopped at...The Fillin' Station? Tricked by the clever name, I checked it out anyway and found the Cheap Eats legend has spread.

"We decided, when you first started, we was gonna do it too and it's been great," said a Fillin' Station representative.

A sizzling patty and toasted buns were presented to me with a Fillin's bar waiting to be piled high. In the end, a hamburger with a soft drink was $5.

My final stop was Clint's Coney Island in Henderson. Only open a month, their menu is littered with Cheap Eats. Co-owner Deborah Hammond explained why they brought Coney's to town.

"The motivation was we couldn't get the Coney's that we liked 'cause we're from Oklahoma," explained Hammond.

Bringing their favorite recipe to Texas they whipped up a classic Cheap Eat. Step by step they pieced it together until it was time for the presentation. A chili cheese coney, chips and a drink was just $3.55, making it this weeks Cheap Eats winner.

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