Fed up with recalls, retailer drops line of cribs

By Philippe Djegal - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Drop side baby cribs are getting kicked to the curb - at least by one retailer. Toys R Us has made the decision they will no longer carry them. The decision is mostly based on recent recalls. Over the last two years, more than 4.2 million drop down cribs across the country have been recalled because of potentially dangerous and even fatal designs.

"This is more like [what] Toys R Us would be selling, and the way you open it or raise it up, you have to pull the latchet on both sides," said Lynn Sartor, the director of ABC Pre-school.

Sartor has nearly 20 years of experience with drop down cribs. She said she has had some issues with them in the past, but none severe enough to stop using them. She also says no parents have ever complained about them at her center.

"I've never had a problem with one not locking to my knowledge," said Sartor. "If there was a problem with it, they let us know right away and we fixed it and replaced it, but I've never had a child injured."

Toys R Us has announced they have stopped ordering drop side cribs, because they say that through the years, they have been subject to so many recalls. In fact, the consumer product safety commission has now met with crib manufacturers and consumer advocates in deciding on whether or not to pursue a legal ban on selling these cribs.

"We have the drop down from the top that comes down and then we securely latch it," said John Jackson the director of the Grace Early Education Center in Tyler.

He said his daycare doesn't use the drop downs. He uses wall cribs to save space, and he understands the concern.

"Another thought might be that they used to have in opening the cribs, using the foot rail to open them, if a child or anyone accidentally hit that wrong, it would drop the side of the crib down and the child could roll out," explained Jackson.

Brandon Crist recently purchased a drop side crib.

"I was told that it was very easy to use and it was a great crib," said Crist, who is expecting his first child in July. "It's not making me reconsider. I'm gonna go ahead and continue to use it. I don't see any reason to discontinue using it myself."

Toy R Us and the Consumer Product Safety Commission disagree. There have been at least five infant deaths in the past two years related to drop side cribs, and 16n cases in which babies were trapped by those cribs. Simplicity and Delta are among the popular brands that have had to recall cribs.

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