Longview Woman Facing Felony Obscenity

An East Texas woman is facing felony charges for carrying sexually oriented devices in her car. Kathy Grubbs was taken in on driving under the influence charges in White Oak Monday, and a felony obscenity charge. As it turns out Grubbs is a distributor for a company called Slumber Parties Inc.

She has been displaying the items at women-only private parties around Longview. The 47 year old Longview woman was stopped by White Oak police for driving erratically on Highway 42. A search of her vehicle allegedly revealed 17 various sexually oriented lotions and devices. We spoke with Grubbs and her attorney today who both say the charges and the law are ridiculous. But the law does make possession of over a certain amount of these items, a crime. If convicted on the charge, Grubbs could face a maximum of 2 years in prison.