Local man gives alternative to Craigslist

By Molly Reuter - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - People have been selling things on their own for years, especially during hard economic time like these. The internet has made it even easier, but stories like the Craigslist killing in Boston make some people wonder, what's my alternative?

"[I] got all kinds of Star Trek items in here...toys, clothing...an entire office phone system," said Joe Lagman of "Isoldit" in Tyler.

He said he never knows what's going to come through his front door.

"In the back of my store right now I have an aircraft rudder [and] I have the landing gear for an aircraft," said Lagman. "As long as the buyer is willing to pay the shipping for it, size doesn't matter because we can freight it out of here.

Lagman opened his store two years ago and has since sold thousands of items using Ebay, and the best part, for many, is the privacy.

"When the owner brings the property in here, I'm the only one that actually knows who the owner of the property is," explained Lagman. "When I post it on Ebay, I actually become the seller. 'Isoldit' becomes the seller."

Still, there are others that just want to do it on their own. Which is something police say is always a risk.

"Things that you can do are ones again, if you are selling an item, that can be moved, let's say inside your residence, move it out into your garage," said Don Martin, with Tyler PD. "Move it out somewhere where you're not inviting a total stranger out into your home."

Also, police say try to get to know the buyer, and most importantly, do not meet the buyer alone.

"There's a risk that comes with it, and that's just a risk you take when you do some something like that," said Martin.

Lagman of "Isoldit" in Tyler said he will only sell items he knows will sell for $35, or more, and it usually takes around three weeks. The check is mailed to your home.

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