Officials receiving tips for Crash Dummy Bandit's ID

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - We spoke with the FBI to pass on a tip we received from a viewer saying the Crash Dummy Bandit may have been a specific East Texas man, but the Dallas area FBI office said that the lead washed out.

That said, info is still pouring in. Surveillance video caught the Crash Dummy Bandit robbing a Washington Mutual on Friday, and on Monday he robbed Omni American in Euless, a Wachovia in Dallas.

Monday, a heavy set, white man, wearing a straw hat walked into the United Credit Union in Tyler and handed the teller a note. They say it's the same MO as the other robberies.

Now, the Crash Dummy Bandit got his name because sometime between Friday and Monday, the robber's arm was all of a sudden in a sling and brace. He also had a bandage on his nose. FBI agent Mark White works out of the Dallas office. He said the "Bandit's" condition could be real, but it's also very likely it's just a ploy.

"It's not uncommon for a bank robber to mask their identity or distract people from actually seeing what he looks like by putting something on his face, or wearing the hat, or in this case, wearing a sling," explained White. "He is going to get caught. A person may be able to commit a bank robbery or a few bank robberies, but they get caught...and the more bank robberies he commits, the longer he's going to spend in prison."

Agent White said they are also following lots of tips from people about the white truck the robber was seen driving including some partial license plate information. Again, authorities say a bank employee saw the robber's get-a-way car. He was last seen driving a white Ford F-150 pickup with gray or black bumpers and no front license plate.

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