WebXtra: Ammo is like crack on streets

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Ammunition has become a rare and expensive commodity and everyone is hunting for it.

Gun store owners like Mack Woods, said it's gotten so bad, ammo is almost impossible to find. And the little big that is out there is double the price.

"It probably has a higher street value right now than crack does," said Woods. "I mean it's insane."

Woods tries to keep his store stocked but in order to do it, he's having to scrounge around.

"Contact old customers that I think maybe overbought at one time and maybe might have some spare that they want to sell," said woods. "Even people that have passed away, as awful as that is."

Law enforcement officials tell us they're concerned too. They do have first priority from distributors but some of them are even buying in bulk.

What's caused this hoarding of ammo? We've heard everything from fear of bans and laws under the Obama Administration to new first time gun buyers wanting to protect themselves and panicked in this tough economic climate.

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