Medicare Patients Beware!

A warning for Medicare patients. Some East Texas senior citizens say they've been duped by a company claiming to help them receive extra Medicare benefits. The company tells them they can get free wheelchairs or scooters. The seniors are then taken to a medical seminar in Lukfin or Houston, where they're asked for their medicare cards. The company then orders the wheelchairs, paid by medicare-- but the seniors, unknowingly are stuck paying 20 percent of bill. In some cases that amounts to more than a thousand dollars.

The Tyler Better Business Bureau warns, "They take them out to eat, provide dinner and lunch and the transportation to the seminar, " says Linda Dingler. "So, they're wined and dined so to speak to get their medicare card--that's somewhat of a scam also."

Tyler's B.B.B. is concerned several Houston doctors may be involved in what they're calling a scam. It's suggested you go to your own physician to evaluate if you need a wheelchair or not.