Teenager's courage inspires everyone around him

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
Posted By Molly Reuter - bio | email

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas teenager is teaching friends and family what true courage is after battling cancer and enduring amputation.

A birthday party at the Kilgore Community Building was held for a teen that many who attended say is the bravest person they know, Shaquille Ross, 14.

"He's hardly complained about anything," said Shaquille's father Charles Ross.  "He's wonderful."  In 2008, Shaquille was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma Cancer in his left knee and went through chemo therapy.

"That was the worst part, the chemo therapy," said Shaquille.  "It was worse than the surgery."  Then the unthinkable for a young man happened, amputation of his left leg.

"Its been tough," said Shaquille.  "It was hard at first, but I just toughened up."

"When they finally came and told me, it took everything out of me that I had," said Charles.  "When I found out, I couldn't even tell him at first.  I had to get myself together."  Family said Shaquille took the news with quiet dignity, and his attitude and spirit has captured the admiration of others.

"He knows he has God on his side," said Shaquille's aunt Nicki Greenhouse.  "That's how he's making it through this."  He has advice for anyone who feels life is unfair.

"Just keep going and never give up, and try your hardest," said Shaquille.  Shaquille will start back on chemo treatments in about three months, to make sure all the cancer is gone.  He says he hopes to one day study to be a veterinarian.

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