Shaken up over kindergartner with loaded gun

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CHANDLER, TX (KLTV) - The grandfather of that kindergarten student who took a gun on a school bus Thursday is facing charges. The Henderson County sheriff's department is charging the boy's grandfather with a misdemeanor of Making a Firearm Available to a Child.

"Children need to know that guns are dangerous," said Fran Cealy. "Guns kill."

An eye-opener for folks in the small town of Chandler.

"You usually hear of this happening in larger cities," said Cealy.

A six-year-old was carrying a loaded .38 caliber revolver in his backpack.

"It's kind of a shock to everybody you know, especially Chandler," said Randy Harvey. "It was kind of wild. My grandson's in kindergarten too."

Some 30 other kids were on that bus. Just six miles from school.

"That's horrible, and, like I said, that could turn very tragic, that could've been horrible, and I'm sure the kids were terrified," said Kay Shelton.

"They see it on TV and on videos and they don't realize the impact that bullet has when it comes out of that gun," said Robert York.

The boy said he found the gun under his grandfather's pillow and wanted to show friends, but the sheriff's department says it was loaded and without a trigger lock.

"A kid's going to see a gun and they're going to want to play with it but it's got to be locked up," said York.

"I have known children to be killed this way," said Cealy. "Even adults are killed this way, much less a 6-year-old child."

Fortunately, a bus monitor heard the boy talking about it, and took the weapon. Many hope this serves as a reminder to teach kids about gun safety, and keep them out of reach at home.

Chandler I.S.D. says they'll make a decision Monday on what kind of punishment the boy could face. Now the grandfather's charge is similar to a traffic ticket. He'll face a fine which can range up to $500.

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