"Cheap Eats": Gettin' spicy!

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Our first stop we had to pay attention or you we just might have missed it, West Pac Express in Gladewater. With just a glance at the menu we struck "Cheap Eats" gold. It's a cash only establishment. They made things easy and served up two chili dogs chips and a drink for a mere $4.75.

Next up, was a Gilmer establishment that will overload your taste buds but not your budget. At Doc's Hot Links, owner Floyd Henderson explained his hot link formula.

"You don't want to lean a meat or too greasy a meat it's gotta have a pretty good 50/50 mixture in there," he explained.

He brought it over: five hot links, a cup of chili, complimentary crackers, and a Coke will only run you $4.99. I gave it my best shot but after eating two lunches already, I had to get a doggie bag.

Heading downtown I spotted Joe's Place and decided to check it out. Feeding Gilmerites for more than 30 years he whipped up my third "Cheap Eat" in the kitchen. I took it to go and had a grilled cheese, small fry and a can drink for the low price of $4.45.

Heading home I stopped by the Pea Patch in Gladewater where I found a historic building housing a soon to be historic "Cheap Eat." I picked the cheeseburger and let the magic happen. Minutes later they brought my prize and this week's "Cheap Eats" winner. Their cheeseburger and a big iced tea for just $4.41. A sampling turned into a finishing of the meal and four lunches later there was only one thing left to do...run it off...all of it.

Bonus "Cheap Eats":

Taqueria El Lugar
8288 S. Broadway, Tyler
#7 Special:
Super Quesadilla & Sm. Drink - $4.98

West Pac Express
414 E Broadway, Gladewater
2 Pizza Slices & Can Drink - $3.75

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