Zap: "Does It Work?"

Every couple of years a cleaning product comes around that makes even the most skeptical give it a look. And that's the case with a product called "Zap".

"Zap" is guaranteed to remove any stain from porcelain, fiberglass, tile and grout.  And after one check of the label, you see you're not messing around here.  Zap gets its power from both sulfuric and muratic acid. So don't forget the gloves.

We took "Zap" to a pretty nasty bathtub. We were impressed. The odor wasn't overwhelming, and the gunk came off pretty easily. "Zap" took care of a hard water stain once we applied a little elbow grease, and after we rinsed the tub, we were fairly impressed.

Next we tackled a public restroom. We used "Zap" on some darkened, dirty grout on the bathroom floor. The same grout was present on the walls, and was significantly lighter than the grout on the floor. We sprayed and scrubbed and sprayed and scrubbed. Let it soak and rinsed. We really didn't see a difference. "Zap" was a little disappointing on the grout.

So, does it work? "Zap" did a nice job on the tub, but really let us down on the grout-- the very thing its fans rave about. "Zap" gets a "maybe".

We got 4 bottles of "Zap" over the interent for 20 dollars.  For the price, it may be worth your money to give it a try-- especially if you have a tough, bathroom restoration project in your future.