Animal Remains Discovered in Smith County Mailboxes

Three East Texans made a ghastly and disturbing discovery when they opened their mailbox on Saturday, Nov. 9th. Three homeowners, living near New Harmony in West Smith County, found skinned animal heads inside their mailboxes. Authorities believe two of the animals were puppies...the other possibly a deer.

The heinous acts have interrupted a community's sense of calm.

Jo Westberry who lives in the area with her husband, says her son found one of the animals. "He couldn't tell if it was a dog, or a goat, or some type of head," remembers Westberry. "It was really gruesome."

A few miles down the road, another family, the Moseleys watched as their mail carrier opened their mailbox and sped away. Later they discovered what had frightened her. "It was the head of an animal, which I think was a deer," recalls Bill Moseley. "I don't think it was funny. It wasn't funny to me. It's carrying a prank too far."

A homeowner on the corner of CR 410 and 49 also found a skinned puppy head inside his mailbox. A day later, a post office worker discovered a skinned cat laying in the middle of an intersection. All of the animals were found within three miles of each other.

"We're just trying to find anyone that might have any small animals missing," says Deputy Constable Clifford Robison with the Smith County Precinct Five Constable's office. Investigators have no suspects so far. Residents say they've had problems with vandals smashing mailboxes, but nothing as serious as the slayings.

"What will they kill next if they kill animals like that," says Westberry. "'Will it be a person.'"

Postal workers were the first to notify authorities about the trail of dead animals. Many homeowners didn't realize other mailboxes were targeted and disposed of the animals. Anyone with information on missing animals or tips on the attacks can contact the Precinct Five Constable's office.