Thanksgiving Tablescapes - A Good Idea

A Thanksgiving Table scape.

The first step is choosing a table cloth color and design for your table. A toile table cloth is always nice. Then add a table runner on top. You can use just about anything as a table runner. You can use a scarf or a throw.

After you have adorned your table with fabric chose your vase or urn. If you are decorating your table for a buffet style dinner, you will want to choose a large centerpiece. If you are having a sit down dinner, you will want to scale down the size so your guests can look at one another across the table for dinner conversation.

Once you have chosen a container, you need to add height. If you are using a large urn try a tall grass plant or any festive holiday ornament you may have. If you have a small container or a low container like a cornucopia, just add holiday items like gourds, pinecones, pumpkins, apples, or whatever items suit your table. Silk flowers in red, orange, and gold colors along with silk leaves look very nice.

Next step if you are decorating a large urn, you will want to hide the mechanics of the item you placed inside. Now is a good time to fill that urn with gourds, pinecones or whatever decorative item you wish.

At this point you should have a container in the center of the table with something inside it to give the table centerpiece some height. Next you will want to add width to your table. You can do this with plants, pine cones, gourds, smaller containers, flowers, leaves from your garden, or any item that adds to your table scape. Pumpkins are a very popular choice.

Now your holiday table scape is complete. For an added touch add name cards at each table setting for your guests. You can just use small bud vases to hold the cards .. and then place flowers or leaves inside to decorate.