Local songwriter "makes it" in Hollywood

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

GILMER, TX (KLTV) - She took the words right out of his mouth. When Miley Cyrus took the stage on the big screen, the words she sang weren't always hers. They were from singer and songwriter Adam Tefteller. Whose song "Let's do This" was picked by Disney to be the theme song for Hannah Montana, The Movie. Growing up in Gilmer, residents aren't surprised of his success.

"Not many people from Gilmer get to make it big we don't have a lot of celebrities so that's great," said Lucie Jenkins.

"He's always had a lot of talent never had any problems letting everyone know about it show his talent off and everybody's knows he's got good talent," said Jaime Pilcher.

Hearing his music growing up, friend Jaime Pilcher and daughter Jaici look forward to the movie for different reasons.

"I like that she's a rock star and I get to listen to her music a lot," said Jaici.

Track 14 on the soundtrack, "Let's do This" made the cut a few weeks before the movie premiered. Seeing it opening day was a special moment for Tefteller.

"When you're sittin' there watchin' a Hannah Montana movie and you see your song come on the big screen and you see your name scroll across at the very end saying Let's do This written by Adam Tefteller it was definitely an emotional moment for sure," said Tefteller.

Since the soundtrack debut, Cyrus has also cut a music video of the song, airing on the Disney channel for the past several weeks. Living in Nashville, Tefteller can't celebrate with those back home who are proud to hear of his accomplishment.

"Yeah, Gilmer all the way," said Pilcher.

Despite having written more than 75 songs while in Nashville, "Let's do This" is the first song Tefteller has pitched to appear in a movie. When asked about what comes next Tefteller said he'll continue to pursue a singing career of his own, but adds he looks forward to getting that first check in the mail.

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