Parents debate Sabine superintendent's employment

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

After meeting for several hours the Sabine ISD school board did not take any action against their superintendent.

Sabine Superintendent Stacey Bryce was arrested on earlier this month on a DWI charge. Last night, nearly 150 parents packed the district's board meeting. So many, in fact, that the meeting had to be moved to the school cafeteria. A dozen people spoke to the board with folks being mainly supportive of Bryce but there were some groups against him.

"The continued employment of Stacey Bryce as superintendent is a distraction to the purpose of this school district," said Eva Schuler. "Therefore, we are asking Mr. Bryce to give his resignation immediately."

"I urge you tonight to support our superintendent, he's a good man whose been good for our district," said Walter Tehan. "I know him as a man of character and integrity and I know him as a man with a heart for this school."

The school board says their next regular board meeting is scheduled May 11th.