East Texans prepare for tax day with a cup of tea

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Just a few days ago, we first told you about a new movement, the Tea Party movement. Organizers want to send Washington a message - no more taxes - no more wasteful spending, but while some say that message knows no party lines others say the lines have clearly been drawn.

Normally, Robert McWhorter and his wife Linda deal in antiquing, but even at their store, Cabin Collectibles, politicking is becoming the norm.

"I want to be there," said Robert. "I want to be part of what's going on. I think this is going to be part of history."

The countdown is on. Wednesday, Robert and Linda will be in Tyler.

"We felt we needed to be part instead of being complacent and set back, letting everybody else go do it," said Robert.

Their politics are clearly spelled out in the store window, but Robert says it's deeper than that.

"Standup and be counted as one that wants something to change in our government," said Robert. "People are unhappy with the way we're being taxed. The bailouts that we're hearing about, they're squandering that money."

"We can't spend our way to prosperity," said Republican Representative Louie Gohmert .

Gohmert will be a guest at Gregg County's Tea Party.

"I think it began when the republicans had the White House, House, and the Senate," said Gohmert. "Then we get a budget a few days ago that adds 1 trillion dollars in deficit in one year, and it's just bringing things to a boil."

"For both Republicans and Democrats," I asked.

"Is the Pope Catholic, or is he part Presbyterian," replied David Henderson with the Smith County Democratic Party. "This is a Republican movement, pure and simple. For eight years, Republicans partied like drunken cowboys while George W. Bush quadrupled the national debt. Where were they then? They ought to just have the humility to say we were wrong, and irresponsible for eight years, and here's what the truth is."

The McWhorters are convinced.

"When we come back together as one, I think God's going to bless the country," said Robert.

On Wednesday they plan to.

Tea Parties are scheduled Wednesday in Longview outside the Gregg County courthouse. Tyler's Tea Party will be downtown on the square. Both are at noon. Jacksonville is hosting its party later tomorrow evening at 5:30 outside the Norman Activity Center.

In Nacogdoches, a Tea Party is set for 5:30, a 5 o'clock party will be held in Athens.

Gun Barrell City will hold their Tea Party at Noon, and Gilmer will have one at noon.