Legislators consider bill; rally held in opposition

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

AUSTIN, TX - Some Texans will be holding a rally on the steps of the State Capitol in Austin Thursday to protest a bill that would allow concealed guns to be carried on college campuses.

Students from the University of Texas (UT) as well as advocates, university officials, faculty, and members of the community will walk-out of class and march to the steps of the Texas State Capitol to hold a public rally to keep guns off of college campuses.

The event is scheduled on the second anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy - the deadliest shooting in American history where 32 students and professors were killed and 17 others wounded because the event organizers say the legislators are using the tragedy to push their agenda.

The current legislation, House Bill 1893 and Senate Bill 1164, exempts private universities, but strips the right of Texas public colleges and universities from prohibiting deadly guns on campus. Utah is the only state that forbids its public universities and colleges from restricting students with gun permits to carry firearms on campuses. Last year similar legislation was defeated in the 17 states where it was introduced.

The group will meet on the Capitol's south steps at 11:30am Thursday, April 16th and begin the rally at noon.