Top ranked Carlisle looks to finish season undefeated

The last four regular season opponents of the Carlisle Indians will try to do what no team has done against Carlisle this season.

Hand them a loss.

The numbers say it all, undefeated, 18-0, and number one in the state. 

"We've just been rolling," first baseman Ben Whery said.

The team knows it is good to be at the top. But, you won't hear the Indians say much about their top ranking, if anything at all.

"From our standpoint, our work ethic and everything, we do not bring that much attention to it," head coach Wesley Colley said. "As a team we've never even discussed it."

"After the first week we just haven't mentioned it," shortstop Cannon Coleman said. "We've just played."

The Indians are 10-0 in district. They crushed some opponents this season by as many as 20 runs. Whether they talk about it or not, the Indians play like they are number one.

"This is the best team that iIve had in the last four years as far as playing with confidence," Coach Colley said.

"You don't get this many opportunities to be ranked number one in the state," catcher Dillon Heim said.

The Indians have led the state polls for three straight weeks. This is the first season an Carlisle baseball program was ranked number one.

"Carlisle it's not big but there's history here," Coleman said. "There's alumni that come out every single day to practice to games. There's pride to be able to wear 'Carlisle' now."

"We're doing what we can for the community and the school," Whery said, "and we just want to go out and win that state championship."

After playoff loses in regional finals and regional quarterfinals in the last three years, the Indians know a trip to state will not come easy.

"Being number one is not going to get you into the playoffs," Coach Colley said. "It's not going to win a game for you. So, we've still got to work."

Without a single loss, the hard work seems to be, well, working.

Carlisle could clinch their second straight district title with a win over Hawkins Tuesday night.