Tonight on kltv 7 crimefighters, we have three new people to add to the wanted board, including two of the most wanted fugitives in henderson and wood county. Our taylor hemness is standing by with this report. Taylor... That's right gillian, we do have some pretty dangerous people to tell you about tonight, and the first, is our first from wood county. Sheriff's deputies there are looking for this man, jimmy evans. [take: gfx-wanted-jimmy evans] {***gfx***} he's charged with assault on a public servant, possession of marijuana, and evading arrest. Allegedly, he was recently tasered by an officer there. But he pulled the taser rods out of his chest, then got into the officer's car, and tried to run him over. [anchor:taylor] {***taylor***} wood county law enforcement desperately wants to get this man off the street before he hurts anyone else. If you have any idea where police can find jimmy evans, e-mail your tip to crimefighters at, or call 903-763-2274, that's 903-763-cash. In the meantime, we'll add him to our wanted board we also want to tell you about a man that's on the henderson county top ten most wanted list. His name is daniel kantak. [take: gfx-wanted-daniel kantak] {***gfx***} he's 28 years old, six feet tall, and weighs 155 pounds. He's wanted on charges of theft and evading arrest. If you know his whereabouts, call the henderson county sheriff's office with your tip at 1-800-545-8477....or send your tips via email. The address is crimefighters at kltv dot com. [anchor:taylor] {***taylor***} we'll add daniel kantak to our wanted board as well. Finally, we have a man that the jacksonville police department has asked us to put on the wanted board. [take: gfx-wanted-john earl hardy jr.] {***gfx***} john earl hardy junior is wanted on charges of aggravated robbery after he and another man allegedly used a handgun while robbing a home. His partner has already been arrested, but police still need to find hardy. If you can help, e-mail us at crimefighters at, or call 903-586-2546 [anchor:taylor] {***taylor***} so we'll add john hardy junior to the wanted board. Many of the people on our busted board were put there because of tips from kltv viewers. So if you know where police can find any of these three, go to right now and submit a tip. Gillian... Our crimefighters page at kltv dot com is constantly updating and ready for your tips. Just look for the crimefighters link on the homepage.