Paying it forward East Texas style

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WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - The sign outside said it all, "Come on in for your tax stimulus."

"Unlike the one that's coming out of Washington, we know this one will work," said Max Anderson, owner of Whitehouse Floors and More. He said his idea was simple.

"We'll refund them back up to $500 of their sales tax," he explained.

It comes in the form of a check, made payable to any business of your choosing.

"Our taxes are going to Washington, and our money is being spent by Washington," said Anderson. "This way, we know it's staying in the community, and it is being spent."

So pretty much, all you have to do is take the check from Whitehouse Floors and More, and the letter that they issue you, and bring it to another business like, Swann's where they'll also honor that check, and refund the taxes on a purchase.

The "pass it on" concept is obviously catching on. From the hardware store, to the drug store.

"Anytime that we can get people excited about shopping locally, I think it's a great thing," said Steve Sherwood owner of Whitehouse Pharmacy.

He said an additional 10 percent will be added to checks used at his business.

"80 percent of the economy is driven by small business," he said. "It's a great way for us to get people to come into our businesses; to support businesses here in Whitehouse.

Just down the road at Pro One Automotive, small business is the engine that keeps a small town going.

"Money leaving a small town never comes back," said Phil Rogers, owner of Pro One.

He said he couldn't wait to jump on the "stimulus" bandwagon. Whatever the job, he says his shop will also refund the taxes and pass the money on to be used at another small business.

"Whether we're in good times, or bad times, it's a good idea," he said.

"We've got to keep this economy going," said Anderson. keep East Texas rolling.

Click here to go to Anderson's website and listen to his audio extra.


Pro-One Auto Repair: Hwy 110  Whitehouse 903-752-7169 Phil Rogers 10% purchase refund max $100

Taylor Retaining Walls: 14763 Hwy 110 South   Whitehouse  903-581-7535 Ron Taylor 15% discount on purchase

Taylor Gutters and Drains:   903-581-7535 Ron Taylor 15% discount on purchase

Taylor Homes: 903-581-7535 Ron Taylor 15% discount on purchase

Express Cleaning Services: 903-581-6041 Todd Taylor 15% discount on purchase

Knight Restoration: 903-561-3777 Todd Taylor 15% discount on purchase

Ashcraft Marble and Granite: 13822 Hwy 155 South   Tyler 903-581-5501    Charles Ashcroft refund of tax up to $500

Oreck: 322 ESE Loop 323, Ste 120 Tyler 903-534-9100 Jeff Roberts 10% disct on any purchase

Don's Appliance: 6714 Hwy. 69   Tyler 903-561-1151 Don

Remember When: 202 Main St    Bullard 903-894-4001 Darline and Ron McKay

Roquemore's Hardware: 300 Hwy 110 N Whitehouse 903-839-6606 Larry 10% disct on any purchase

Carnes Cabinet Construction: 20585 Hwy 110 S Troup 903-570-4323 Jim 10% disct on any purchase

Innovative Woodworks: 4700A Old Troup Hwy Tyler 903-509-9696 Brian Wallace

Massage by Erica LMT: at Cedar Ridge Studios  903-372-2376 Erica Ingram

Whitehouse Pharmacy: 301 Hwy 110 N Whitehouse 903-839-4391 Steve

Kidd Jones: PO Box 365  Chandler 75758  903-849-6265 Darlene or Regina  call for gift card

Granite Division: 3536 Hwy 271 N    Tyler 903-535-9000 Todd

Barrett Media: 3800 Paluxy Dr. Ste 405  903-534-0588 Jeff

Swann's: 2401 SSE Loop 323 Tyler 903-592-6526 Elam refund of tax up to $500

Hagan Lighting: Todd 15% discount

Classic Boutique: 117 E 17th St Tyler 903-593-7575 Helen McQueen

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