Students Mourn The Death Of A Longview Teacher

Ronald Hamilton taught math at Foster Middle school in Longview for about eight years.

The 57-year old Mr. Hamilton died Friday after a battle with cancer.

Today students were encouraged to write letters to his family sharing their memories of him and express their sadness that he's gone.

"Last year we had him and then he left the next semester because he was sick," says student Peter Gullette.

L.I.S.D. administrator, Rhonda Bullard, speaks to a classroom of students, "we all know that we've been through a sad situation with Mr. Hamilton since last Friday some of you have some real feelings about that."

"I was very sad. I didn't know what to say. I wanted to cry I couldn't but then it just came," says Danielle Kilby.

"I was sad and in a way I thought that in a way good because I knew he was on to heaven," says Peter.

Principal, Mike McFarland, encouraged students to write letters to Hamilton's family,"in dealing with death the best thing to do is to allow people to express themselves and allow kids to express themselves. I wanted the family to know that hey he's gone but in education you live on through your students."

"Dear Hamilton family I'm very sorry and I hope there is something that I can do to help comfort ya'll," says Keri Gray as she reads her letter.

"You probably already know that Mr. Hamilton touched the lives of many students at FMS. But he really touched me not only to help me understand math but also just the way he treated others," reads Tesla Barnes.

"When we found out he was sick we felt bad for him. I knew it would be tough because I also had cancer. I had it in my leg and I had to get it amputated," reads Keri.

"He was a great teacher who loved to teach, handle his students alone and now he's gone," reads Candice Lyons.

"He was so kind to complete strangers sometimes I wondered if he was an angel from above. Here to teach me a better way to live my life. Thank you so much Mr. Hamilton," reads Tesla.

"P.S. I'll never forget him. He taught me to care for my enemies," reads Carolina Ramos.

All the letters written by the students were given to Ronald Hamilton's family.

Funeral services were held this afternoon in Longview.

Burial is scheduled for tomorrow morning in Louisiana.

Amy Tatum reporting.