School Heroes Tell Their Story

The small rural high school of Scurry Rosser, where 220 teens go to learn...became the center what school officials say, 'Could have been another Columbine.'

Friday morning, a former student, Tony Cipriano rushed the school with a shotgun--forcing students like Brandon Gibbons into the cafeteria, "He came in the cafeteria pouring gasoline on everyone on the side of everyone."

Quick action of several students, their school Principal and some coaches got the situation under control. This morning...the men being called hero's appeared on good morning America to tell their story.

Principal Richard Sneed, "I got a little closer--he pointed the shotgun at me and said, 'Do not come any closer' and at that time he took his hand off the trigger," explains Sneed. "I grabbed the barrel and shoved it toward the ceiling."

That's when Cipriano was wrestled to the ground, and shuffled outside with the help of student Matt Cooper, "We got him outside and got his legs from underneath him."

Today, crisis counselors are on hand at the high school...hoping to alleviate fear. Hoping to help students like Brittany Biggs--who says she doesn't feel safe, "No. I don't think so, not for awhile."

It's believed the motive of alleged gunman Tony Cipriano's was revenge of some sort. Cipriano is charged with aggravated assault, attempted arson and carrying a weapon illegally. Arraigned yesterday, Cipriano's bond is set at 1.6 million dollars.