WebXtra: Too many mouths, too few mud bugs

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

BIG SANDY, TX (KLTV) - A popular Easter weekend treat is taking quite a hit and families are taking notice.

Crawfish is one of the most popular Sunday treats for Easter, selling an estimated three million pounds, but due to economic troubles and weather affecting Louisiana there's quite a shortage.

At Circle M Crawfish in Big Sandy, owner Rodney Murphy does what he can with a limited supply.  Having already sold more than a thousand pounds since opening this morning, cookers are kept full with mud bugs, waiting to be enjoyed by customers.  Murphy says he hasn't been hit the hardest, but still feels the shortage.

"It's been a real tough year," said Murphy.  "It started with the temperatures being awful cold, and it was dry late last summer and then when the hurricane came through it put a lot of salt on the ground you know south of I-10 especially and make the crawfish situation worse."  At the Circle M Murphy says the shortage shouldn't be permanent in fact he expects it to straighten out in the next few months, and that's good news for families who expect to see a lot more these guys on their plates and in their mouths.

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