Some parents fuming over teacher's form of discipline

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - We met another student who says she also has been marked on by the same teacher, and it has some parents fuming.

"She wrote bring folder to school on my arm," said Demeatrica Wilson.

She said her second grade teacher wrote on her with a permanent marker because she forget to bring her folder to school.

"It's not there no more," she said. "I scrubbed it off with a towel and hot water and I put some soap on it."

Her grandmother got the message loud and clear, but now has one of her own.

"That shouldn't happen to no kid," said Debra Frierson. "They should send a note at home with the children and let the parents know they didn't bring the folder or something like that. They shouldn't be writing on them cause that's not discipline. If we was to write on her she'll have a problem with it."

We were also sent a picture of the incident we told you about last night. LISD said the teacher marked "Stealing Marshmallow" on a boy. Wilson said she saw it happen.

"He didn't get to finish them (the marshmallows) in the cafeteria so he ate them in the classroom," explained Wilson.

While they investigate, Longview ISD has placed this teacher on suspension with pay. Some parents I talked to said that is like giving her a holiday and they hope more is done.

"That's no punishment," said Staffany Square who had already heard of the incidents and said teachers should know better than to mark on kids. "That's a vacation for her. I thought that was really cruel and unusual punishment. That's like putting a dumb cap on a kid and sitting him in the corner."

LISD said they agree this is not a good form of discipline.

"It was not productive for this child," said Bowman. "No one gained anything out of this."

"I think teachers don't have the power that they used to, but I think that's probably not the right way to go," said Eric Huff.

The school district says they'll resume their investigation Monday morning.

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