"All the sudden it just sounded like a big old freight train"

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EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Fast moving storms cut a path of damage across at least two East Texas counties. Most of the damage was done across the counties of Cass and Harrison, with homes damaged near Hughes Springs, Harleton and Hallsville. Though the damage wasn't wide-spread, storms seemed to zero in on homes.

"It sounded like it was about to rain then all the sudden it just sounded like a big old freight train," said Chloe Nash.

The Cass County sheriff's office confirmed that a tornado did hit the area. One home was crushed as three massive trees crashed on top of it. The occupants said it was mere seconds after hearing the roaring winds that they moved to another room as the trees were toppled.

"Its bad that it happened and everything but I'm just thankful that we're both alright and our animals," said Nash.

Some were very close calls. One Harleton home was literally "speared" by fast flying tree limbs. In one area something very unusual happened. The tornado didn't touch the ground but hit the tops of the trees, snapping off the branches and shooting them into the house like missiles.

"Every one of them I've every seen or been around it hailed right before, and it started hailing," said Richard Drake. "The first thing you heard was lots of noise of course and then glass breaking you know."

From the air, trees could be seen laid over like kindling, the power of the wind cut a path through the trees. For Hughes Springs homeowner Stephanie Brewer it was an eerie 'deja vu'. Nine years ago on Easter Sunday Brewer lost her home in a tornado.

"I was shaking," said Brewer. "I was thoroughly shaking. Plus, my son was at school and he was with me when we went through it before."

The only thing left is to assess damage, and clean up. Electric companies are still working to get power restored to a few homes in Harrison County. Amazingly, no injuries have been reported.

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