Delicious hospital food. Oxymoron? I think not!

By Holley Nees - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LUFKIN, TX (KLTV) - Delicious hospital food. That's not an oxymoron, and at least one East Texas hospital believes part of your medical choice should include what you eat while you stay there.

"The food is not like hospital food and you get exactly what you want, no surprises," said Debra Haverland, a Memorial patient.

Haverland drives all the way from Longview to Lufkin to see a doctor at the Memorial Health System of East Texas. She takes her time because she really likes her doctor, and loves the food.

"Too often there's a myth about hospital food, that it isn't normal food," said James Reichstadt, the executive chef.

He treats the job like he's working at a fine restaurant, providing a menu that has a choice for each and every patient.

"In the end, it's worth it because your giving people healthier choices and this is probably the closest to scratch cooking you're ever going to find," said Reichstadt.

And Haverland is one satisfied customer. The bedside service makes her feel...

" I'm the only one just about," said Haverland. "They make me feel like I am most important."

To her waitress she is the top priority.

"I don't mind helping anyone that needs help, so when people are in the hospital it's got to be because they need help and it's good for us to do what we can to try to help them," said Barbara Madison.

It is a little bit of tasty loving care.

The hospital said personal diets are taken into consideration, but the personal choice dining is available to all of their patients.

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