WebXtra: Classroom discipline: Where do you draw the line?

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Parents of Ware Elementary children are fuming over the disciplinary action of one teacher.

A picture we received in our newsroom shows a child's arm with the words "stealing marshmallow" written with a permanent marker.

Longview ISD is investigating and placed this teacher on suspension with pay.

Having talked with folks in the area, we met Debra Frierson who says her granddaughter was also marked on by the same teacher for not bringing a folder to school. She and other parents said this teacher needs to be stopped.

"We was upset because she wrote on her arm cause, we had to scrub that ink off her arm," said Frierson.

"It's not there no more," said the second grader. "I scrubbed it off with a towel and hot water and I put some soap on it."

"I thought that was really cruel and unusual punishment," said Staffany Square. "That's like putting a dumb cap on a kid and sitting him in the corner."

"I think teachers don't have the power that they used to but I think that's probably not the right way to go," said parent Eric Huff.

Longview ISD says they'll resume their investigation after the Easter holiday and we'll likely here an update early Monday morning. We will of course keep you posted on what happens.