For Texas rancher, “Deep Doo-doo” wouldn't do

By Michael Thompson - email

COMANCHE, TX (AP) - What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but this name is rather smelly.

Mark Stark figures cattle raisers can appreciate the name of his ranch near Comanche. He makes no apologies for the words in big, black letters on the steel arch over the dirt and gravel driveway.

The name is not exactly fit for print. We are a family oriented station, after all. So let's just say "Deep Cowpie Cattle Co." would not have the same effect.

Take a big whiff.

"If you've ever been in the cattle business, you know," says Mark's wife Lavon.

Well, why did you think cowboy boots went up to your knees? It comes in handy in this part of the state where the all-natural fertilizer runs deep and cattle haulers outnumber cars on Texas Highway 36.

Thus the name Mark gave to his 140 acre operation "six or eight years ago" after a tough day of herding, moving cattle and, naturally, stepping in a big pile of "it".

As he tells the story, after a third trip one day with a hauler to the cattle auction, somebody asked where this latest load (ha!) was coming from. A tired and dirty Mark blurted out a name that some might not consider a polite term.
The name stuck.

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