"I would rather have had them take my car"

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - To hear Todd Goranson play with the Longview Symphony you would think he was using his personal bassoon, but Longview ISD let him borrow the instrument because, in the parking lot of his motel, robbers armed with a semi-automatic stole Goranson's bassoon.

"It's one thing to watch something on TV, but when you have muzzle of a gun in your face it's a very different experience," he said.

Goranson said he went to his motel room to watch a little of the Maverick's game and fall asleep. That's when...

"Two young men jumped out and pointed a gun and took the instrument," said Goranson. "They wanted to get into the hotel room but the key didn't work. They cleaned me out! [They]took the instrument, reeds, my wallet, cell phone, jacket [and] everything that I had on me."

Todd has played with the Longview Symphony for nearly four years, and every time he stayed in a hotel, but this is the first time he was robbed. It is something he never imagined happening.

"I'm married and have a six month old kiddo and I just wanted to do whatever I needed to do to get back to them," said Goranson.

He said he bought the bassoon about nine years ago, and it had become a part of his everyday life.

"Honestly, I would rather have had them take my car than the instrument," said Goranson. "When you play the instrument for a long period of time. It just kind of becomes an extension of your voice and it's a very personal thing and so it would mean an awful lot to get it back."

...So the music maker can play on.

Goranson's bassoon is a Heckel model. Goranson's is red with black tiger stripes in a black case. He hopes the robbers will return his bassoon by Saturday. That is when he'll play his last Longview Symphony concert before heading back to Royce City.

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