Put on a perfectly priceless prom, all while pinching pennies

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Prom is a big deal in more ways than one for 15-year-old, Katie Shew.

"[I'm getting my] hair done, make-up done, everything," Shew said.

But all that primping can get a little pricey. On average, the "up-do" could run you at least $50 then there's the nails. A mani and a pedi combined could cost you close to $60. Then add shoes and accessories, and of course, the dress. The total?

"$600 easy...for prom...for four hours," said Carla Boyette.

Carla Boyette owns Nu 2 Me, a consignment shop in Lindale. That's where Katie went shopping.

"If you come here, you can get a dress that's just as good as $200 and get one just as good for $50," said Shew.

"I try to set my prices under $80," said Boyette. "Most of the dresses are less than $50."

Compared to this time last year, business at some consignment and resale stores across East Texas is up 100 percent.

"It's probably doubled," said Brenda Harden, owns Bridal and Prom Resale in Tyler where we found dresses as low as $25. "It has doubled because of the economy."

More and more people are realizing they can get the dress at a fraction of the price. Buyers aren't only ones benefiting. More people are now bringing their dresses in for resale.

"It's a service both ways: helping people to get money back on dresses they've bought, and save money on the dresses that they need," said Harden.

The savings don't just stop at the dress. The consignment and resale stores we visited carried jewelry and shoes too; more things you'll need, but less money out your pocket.