TISD Students Striving to Drive

A year ago, you might not have found Patty Aguilar in class at Pace High school at eight o'clock on a chilly, Friday morning.

"Sometimes I would wake up and say oh i am sick and not come," says Patty Aguilar, a Pace student. But ever since Patty and her Ppace classmates found out good attendance combined with good grades and behavior could mean a new SUV, there have been big changes.

"In two months I have made 3 credits," says patty Aguilar. "And when there wasn't this about the car, I know I didn't do as much credits as I do now, I don't know why it just pushes me."

At Robert E. Lee you'll almost never find Paula Holt missing chemistry or any class.  It's not attendance, but a tough geometry course that's challenging Paula to strive to drive.

"I've thought about it during days and like when i didn't want to do my work in class or my homework," says Paula Holt, a Robert E. Lee student. "It always reminds me about winning the car and I'm like I am going to do my homework and try to get my grades up as high as they can go."

Garry Jackson, a senior at John Tyler is one of those students who has his future in mind.

"I enjoy learning and going to school," says Garry Jackson, a John Tyler student.

Whether he knows it or not, he's leading by example. Working hard at school and being on time has its benefits for Garry with or without winning an SUV.

"If my attitude has changed any it's because again I am being rewarded for just being myself and doing what I enjoy," says Garry.

Over the next few months, TISD, Crown Isuzu and KLTV hope the students find the incentive to drive for excellence every bit as valuable as the shiny car.

Dana Dixon Reporting