He was left on the bus without food, water, or a restroom

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

SPRING HILL, TX (KLTV) - Two East Texas parents are outraged, after learning their special needs 4-year-old son was left on a Spring Hill ISD school bus in their bus barn for the entire day.

"I put my son on the bus trusting the driver to take him off," said Shermane Persley, the boy's father. "It's not that hard to do!"

Persley is still in shock that a bus driver left his young son, Shermane Jr, on the school bus after parking it in the bus barn.

"She said, 'He never made it to school. I forgot to get him off the bus,'" said Persley. "He's been sitting on the bus at the bus barn all day. The driver apologized but what's that? My son [has] been on the bus seven or eight hours in the same clothes, [with] no restroom, food, [or] water. Come to find they even moved the bus at the bus barn and they still didn't see him!"

So, how could the bus driver not see him? More importantly, why didn't the driver follow school procedures, by double checking the entire bus before leaving?

"Sometimes young kids like this fall asleep which is what was the case and the bus driver is to check that to make sure," said Wes Jones, SISD superintendent. "She did not see him. I don't know how far she walked back or if she did walk back. He was on the bus some time...and unattended is too long and that's not acceptable."

Not acceptable for the school and definitely not for Shermane's parents who say their son wet his pants on the bus because he had no restroom to use.

"I'm pretty sure he did it three or four times maybe and had to sit in it and it was already cold," exclaimed Persley. "A 4-year-old going through all of that! He was probably crying. I'm pretty sure he was crying. You let me leave him five or ten minutes and run in Wal-mart. What's going to happen to me when I come out? I would have been locked up last night!"

As for the bus driver, the district says disciplinary action will be taken, but the Persley's say bus drivers need to be more aware.

"That's what it all boils down to: just rushing," said Persley. "If you don't have time to do your job stay home."

"She didn't want this to happen and we didn't want this to happen and we want to make sure that we take care of this and make sure it doesn't happen again," said Jones.

The Spring Hill ISD says they are working on putting in another measure that would require bus drivers to manually check the bus and actually flip a switch that would say empty or full. As for Shermane Jr's parents they say he will not be riding the bus anymore.