WebXtra: "Layaway is the best option for people who are broke"

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Pay it off without interest. Layaway plans are making a comeback amidst the credit crunch.

Big retailers like Kmart, Burlington Coat Factory, Sears and Marshall's are leading the pack with their layaway offers.

Burlington's in Longview told us they extended their layaway plan to eight weeks. A lot of East Texans say they've learned their lesson after getting over their head in debt.

"Overdoing it, I know I have," said Sherry Hollins. "Those [interest rates] will kill you. They'll kill you."

"Man, layaway is the best option for people who are broke," said Sandra Bates. "It is for me anyway because I can't come in here and just buy $200 worth of stuff. It's so easy just to put $40 down and you know you got it."

While it is making a comeback, some stores like Walmart discontinued their layaway plans. We're also checking in with some local mom and pop stores to see what they offer.