Layaway makes a comeback as 'insta' generation rethinks spending. Love it or Hate it? Leave your comments.

By Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - With the click of a button and a credit card you can have almost anything you want. Of course, reality hits when the bill arrives in the mail. What?! Did I really spend that much?

With reality seeming to hit a little harder these days, today's 'insta' generation seems to be re-thinking their spending habits.

Layaway is making a comeback in stores across the U.S., and retailers are finding it is another way to generate revenue and bring customers back into their stores.

When credit cards came along, the popularity of using layaway to purchase items declined. Unlike buying something on credit, layaway allows you to pay for an item over time before you take it home. If you find out you can't afford to make payments on the item it is returned to stock for someone else to buy and you aren't stuck in debt for spending too much.

So...Is the fact that people are rethinking their spending habits a good thing? Could the bad economy have a good effect on society, or are people still just spending money they don't have? Tell us what you think!