Son saves mother from burning home

By Molly Reuter - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The fire started around 4 o'clock on Saturday in a mobile home located off County Road 219 in Smith County.

"It was terrible," said Ellen Hill. "I was like, I don't have anything, my kids don't have anything, you know, everything we own was gone."

The fire that took Hill's home and everything inside of it is starting to become reality.

"I think yesterday was more shock then anything, and today I have been a basket case," she said. "That's bad."

Ellen and her 11-year-old son Morgan said they can't believe how quickly their home went up in flames.

"I was getting ready for work, and I was taking a bath, and I smelt something that didn't quite smell right," she explained. "I quickly finished my bath and jumped out of the tub, and I glanced out the door and I could see smoke.

Ellen said she quickly realized her house was on fire and had to get out. She went back in her bedroom and began beating on the window. Thankfully, Ellen said her son Rocky and his friend were already outside.

"They saw me beating on the window, and they took a baseball bat and broke the window out good for me, and I had the clothes in my hand and bailed out," she said.

"Through the window," I asked her.

"Yes, without anything on," she replied.

The next 30 minutes, Ellen said, were a blur, but she remembers standing there thankful everyone was OK.

"I said, 'Well, it's OK because stuff can be replaced - we can't and we all made it out OK,'" she said. "Basically, Rocky and Haden saved my life."

Ellen Hill said she and her three sons were renting the mobile home and do not have insurance. If you would like to help, a tragedy fund has been set up in Ellen Hill's name at all Austin Bank locations.