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Spinal Diagnostic & Interventional Pain Medicine

The specialty of Interventional Pain Medicine is concerned with the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment and rehabilitative needs associated with painful disorders.  Pain medicine has a defined body of knowledge and a scope of practice and is recognized as a discreet specialty by the American Medical Association. 

Dr. Rosenfield specializes in Interventional pain medicine techniques and spinal diagnostics. This includes the management of acute and chronic pain related to these conditions as well as consultations regarding medical management of these problems.

We hope to serve as consultants to physicians, and educators to patients and other healthcare providers, on the intricacies of pain management.  We provide direct patient care to people with various painful conditions. We prescribe medications and rehabilitative and diagnostics services. We perform pain relieving procedures and counsel patients and their families. 

What is Pain?

Acute pain or warning pain is the discomfort or pain signal that alerts you to pay attention - something is wrong in your body.  Pain can result from any condition that stimulates the body's sensors.  Examples of conditions that cause pain include - but are not limited to - infections, injuries, hemorrhages, tumors, and metabolic and endocrine problems.  A variety of direct treatments for acute pain are available.  Acute pain generally abates as the underlying causative problem is treated medically or surgically.  Early management of the acute pain itself may hasten recovery and reduce down time, thus reducing costs. 

However, sometimes pain does not resolve after medical or surgical treatment and becomes chronic in nature.  This intractable pain has no relationship to warning or danger and often leads to dramatic changes in the person's ability to function, to stay productive, and to lead a normal family, occupational and social life. The ongoing suffering from intractable pain can result in costly and ineffective medical treatments and needless waste of healthcare dollars.  Timely referral for early treatment by an interventional Pain Medicine physician may dramatically decrease costs of ongoing care. 

Pain facts:

  • Only 1/3 of persons suffering with chronic headache seek treatment.
  • Cancer pain responds to many forms of treatment in addition to medication.
  • Pain costs the American People $120 billion each year.
  • 65-million Americans suffer from painful disabilities each year.
  • Nearly 90% of all diseases are noticed because of pain.
  • Unrelieved pain can lead to unemployment and decreased productivity.
  • Unrelieved pain is associated with alcohol and medication abuse.

Consequences of mismanaged pain:

  1. Extensive costly non-productive workups and treatments.
  2. Dysfunction in family, vocational and social life.
  3. Mental and physical suffering.
  4. Increased disability cost.
  5. Escalating healthcare expenditures

Dr. Rosenfield is a graduate of the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.  He took an internship at the Cornell University Medical  Center, New York Hospital in Pediatrics.  Following that he completed a residency in anesthesiology at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.  He then took a rotating anesthesiology fellowship at the Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia University in New York City. Following that he became Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Tulane University Medical Center Hospital.  After two years of teaching residents and becoming the Head of the Morbidity and Mortality Conference he took a Pain Fellowship at Texas Tech University in Lubbock under the tutelage of Dr. Sam Lipton and Gabor Racz, M.D., both internationally renowned Pain Medicine Specialists.  There he learned Interventional pain medicine techniques including the placement of spinal and epidural catheters; the use of spinal cord stimulators for neural augmentation, and radiofrequency lesioning for various types of complex chronic pain problems.  The use of intrathecal implantable pumps and spinal opioid medications is part of the curriculum.

Dr. Rosenfield is board certified in anesthesiology and is fellowship trained in Interventional pain medicine.  He is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, the American Academy of Pain Management; has extra qualifications in Pain Medicine under the auspices of the American Board of Anesthesiology as well.  He is a founding member of the Texas Pain Society, and a member of the International Spine Intervention Society, the American Pain Society, the Association of Interventional Pain Physicians & FIPP, the American Medical Association, and Texas Medical Association. 

Dr. Rosenfield is a national speaker for Ballard Medical Products, a subsidy of Kimberley Clark Corporation, on radiofrequency neurotomy.  He has also taught at many national meetings including the Society for Pain Practice Management, International Spine Injection Society as well as other hands-on cadaver workshops to train physicians all over the United States and from abroad in Interventional pain medicine techniques.

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