WebXtra: Children of the World give others in need hope

Children of the World Central Team (Courtesy: WorldHelp.net)
Children of the World Central Team (Courtesy: WorldHelp.net)

By Molly Reuter - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They come from different countries and have different stories to tell, but the Children of the World have two things in common.  They have the love of the Lord, and they have hope.

Children of the World is an international children's choir made up of orphans from Uganda and Nepal.  World Help, their sponsor, seeks to inspire compassion and get people involved in helping change the world, one child at a time.  The choir is in East Texas this week trying to raise awareness about what's going on overseas with the Aids epidemic and civil wars.

"We have three different teams that tour the country, three different choirs, and we are the central team traveling all over the central United States," said Children of the World Team Leader Jay Phillips.  "We just left New Mexico, and so we've been in Texas four, or five times, and we've done about 160 concerts."  Sunday morning, the children's choir performed at Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Tyler.  Jerry Calaway, Associate Pastor at Colonial Hills, is hosting two of the children this week.

"We are keeping two boys in our home, and we were talking to them, and I said, 'do you miss home," said Calaway.  "The boys said 'yes, I miss home and my school'.  It's just a joy to see these kids who have no parents, but they come here and are just filled with the joy of the Lord."  Phillips says Children of the World have three goals when they perfrom.  First, to raise awareness through these children's stories.  Second, gain sponsorships for other children in need, and third, raise funds to help build homes and churches in those areas where they are needed.

To see part of Sunday morning's performance, join us for East Texas News Weekend at ten.

For more information, go to www.worldhelp.net.