Are You Ready For The First Freeze?

Tyler Homeowner Gordon Davis isn't waiting for mother nature to wreak havoc on his home and garden. He's combating the cool temps with a cold splash of water, "Plants will be able to sustain themselves better if you water them just before a freeze."

At Thompson-Hill Nursery they're already moving their plant's inside according to Buffy Blasingame, "The sudden drop in temperature could cause damage to the roots and your foliage; put them in shock."

From the plants onto the pipes...homeowner's can prevent water pipes from bursting by stocking up on foam and insulation wrap. Home Depot Manager Noel Howard says it takes just a few dollars to buy, "Wraps are just a $1.59 for a ten foot strip." Take only a moment's time to install but can save big bucks in the long run. And don't forget the inside of your home is just as important. Leave a slow drip on the faucet, this will prevent the pipes from feezing up. Meanwhile underneath the sink--if you leave the doors open this will leave a circulation of warm air.

Small steps that make all the difference says Howard, "If your pipes completely burst--you've got to turn the water off for the whole house. So your without water until you get it prepared if you can get a plumber quick enough to get it done."

For folks who will be out in the cold, remember--The Salvation Army's Community Center will be open 24 hours. There you'll find warm coffee and soup for anyone in need. The Salvation Army is located on Spring Street in Tyler.

Jennifer Brice, Reporting.