Man killed bringing his mother a wheelchair

By Lakecia Shockley - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - Wednesday night, 43-year-old Dennis Fountain was killed on Main Street in Henderson.

22-year-old Brandon Scott Graham is accused in the fatal accident and is charged with failure to stop and render aid.

"He called me that evening," said Lynn Winfrey, Dennis's mother. "He says, 'Mama, I found you a wheel chair it's not going to cost anything. I'm going to go get it for you.'"

For Dennis Fountain's mother, who recently had knee surgery, the thought of her son being killed while bringing her a wheel chair is unbearable.

"He said I love you and I'll be back with it," said Lynn. "Next thing I know I hear this...I thought somebody had hit one of our cars and it was my son coming across the street bringing me the wheel chair that he went to get me."

Dennis lived just across the street from his mother's house. It was there where he was struck by a 2000 Jeep Cherokee and dragged more than half the length of a football field.

"He'd cross that street thousands and thousands of times and every time he'd cross it he'd tell me be careful crossing the street," said Lynn.

Dennis's family said he was a true fisherman who loved his family.

"He always said I was the love of his life and that God brought me to him and I believe that God did bring us together," said Merion Fountain, Dennis's wife. "He was the love of my life and I don't know how I'm going to live without him."

Henderson police told us the driver, Brandon Graham, was given a alcohol and drug test. Lab results are pending but Dennis's family believe speed was the cause.

"This is an 40 mile an hour zone and I've seen them come through here so fast that I bet their doing 90, 95, [or] 100mph sometimes," said Lynn. "It could have been anybody's child other than mine. People need to learn to slow down."

Dennis Fountain's memorial service will be held Saturday at Crawford Cream Bryan in Henderson at 5pm. In lieu of flowers the family has set up the Dennis Fountain Family Memorial Fund at Henderson Federal Savings Bank.