Tea party movement gaining some steam

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

The movement is gaining some steam, but some say once the party is over, there's still plenty of work to be done. The Boston Tea Party was the beginning of the American Revolution, and come April 15th, Tyler will join more than 300 other cities across the country in a revolt again.

Supporters of the tax day tea party say "we the people" have been taxed enough. They say it's time to stand up to lawmakers who wastefully spend your money, pushing the country further and further into debt. George Stephenson plans to be there.

"The silent majority is waking up, that's what's happening, that's what you see here today," said Stephenson who founded Grassroots America We The People.

"We have to learn our constitution...we have to learn our Bill of Rights," he said. "When that happens, instead of complaining and being afraid of what's going on right now, we can take action."

The mission is to organize voter precincts, educate people on the issues, empower voters and increase turnout at the polls.

"It's about votes...if you have enough votes, you take your country back from the direction it's going, and we don't like it," said Stephenson.

Nearly 200 folks have now signed on since the group was founded, and now they're going public.

"The more that government expands, the more liberty contracts," said JoAnn Fleming. "People are concerned that government does not listen to the people anymore."

"This government has been out of control for sometime," said Stephenson. "Republican or Democrat."

Rotonger Burns, a first time attendee, said she supports the current administration, but...

"It's going to take more than the government to get us out of the situation that we're in," said Burns.

The revolution is brewing. Let the tea party begin.

Nearly 40 Texas cities will host tea parties of their own. The Tyler tea party will be downtown on the square at noon on April 15th. Grassroots America We the People is hosting another rally on the square in May.