"Changing of the guard" for 2 East Texas soldiers

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Flags up and ready, volunteers from Welcome Home Soldiers and family stood by to surprise America's finest with a surprise homecoming. Waiting on the soldier's arrival another prepared to depart. Army Medic Bryan O'Driscoll was all set to head back to Iraq.

"[I will] just go back to work," said O'Driscoll. "Gotta put my game face on and go back and help my guys."

Seeing the flags and welcome party he understands the importance of a soldier's return.

"That's what I do, I'm a medic so that's pretty much what my job is all about, helping people get home," he said.

Not having seen his son in months, Michael Brock looked forward to quality father-son bonding, meaning basically...

"[We will play a] lot of golf, [a] lot of golf," Brock said.

Making his way through security, O'Driscoll headed out right as cheers went up for Specialist Chase Brock's arrival. Greeted with a quick hug from his father, Brock was quick to say East Texas is just a little different than Iraq.

"It's not hot," he said. "Actually feels good outside, not so...it's just clean around here."

Taking time to thank those who had come to celebrate his homecoming, Brock wasted no time in enjoying being home.

"We're gonna go play golf as soon - whenever I get out of here I guess," he said.

As for who'll win the father son duel...Brock couldn't lie.

"Oh, I'm better," he said.

Specialist Brock wasn't the only soldier coming home Friday. Private First Class Marquita Scott arrived from Afghanistan and was welcomed by friends and family before heading home to Nacogdoches for her welcome home meal.

"[We are having] Aunt Dankie's spaghetti," said the soldier. "She just does something to the spaghetti that I just love...nobody can cook it that way."

The soldiers will have to make the most of their time back in East Texas, both Brock and Scott have just 16 days before leaving for Afghanistan and Iraq.