It's Baaaack! Tyler Loop Construction Stops Traffic

New medians made for the first Tyler traffic jam. That was last month. Wednesday and for the next 8-10 days, new pavement will keep drivers at a virtual stand still.

The construction mess has many drivers wishing they'd taken anything but South Loop 323.

"It's pretty inconvenient right now. I was supposed to have been somewhere at one o'clock, I've made two blocks in 30 minutes," says an angry driver.

Thousands of drivers taking the Loop wanted a break from traffic instead of breaking for Tyler's South Loop traffic.

"It would be nice if they did it at midnight rather than the middle of the day," says a Tyler driver.

Frustrated drivers were stuck while TXDOT crews sectioned off the Loop to one lane of traffic.

"I just think we've got to get real and traffic is bad so we have to deal with it," says another angry driver.

As promised, Tyler's Loop is getting a new, stronger road surface to match the new medians. TXDOT engineers say the construction may seem like a hassle, but research shows medians reduce accidents.

"This section of the Loop over three years had 300 accidents that could have been prevented with the raised median," says Randy Redmond, TXDOT engineer.

"Well I just hope it doesn't cause any more problems in the future once they fix it," says a frustrated loop driver.

Wednesday, there were still problems even with better traffic control by Tyler Police. A number of businesses, both restaurants and retail are taking a hit, because it's just to hard to get there.

"A lot of customers have complained about trying to get in and out," says a Toys R Us worker. "And they like it the way it was before."

Some drivers call it bad timing. The holiday shopping season is upon us and construction is in the heart of shopping central with Broadway Square Mall.

If you want to avoid the construction mess near Broadway and the Loop, TXDOT suggests you take alternate routes.

Dana Dixon, reporting.