Flying Illusionist Help Bring "Peter Pan" To Longview

Peter Pan has left Never Never land and is flying straight to east Texas and he's bringing the lost boys, Captain Hook and Tinker Bell with him.

The Pine Tree High School theatre department is practicing for the production of "Peter Pan" and they're getting expert advice from the very company that trained Cathy Rigby when she played the boy who didn't want to grow up.

"We travel all over the world providing flying affects for music theaters, film, theme parks just about anything you can think of," says Brian Reed.

Brian and Rob Houillion are a team helping actors soar to new heights.

Today they're helping actress Lauren Britton transform into "Peter Pan".

"If you think it looks kinda similar to the harnesses that you see nascar drivers wear. It basically performs the same function. It holds you in place. Needless to say nobody here will be going two hundred miles an hour," says Reed.

Once safety is checked the transformation from Lauren into Peter Pan is complete.

"Peter pan the avenger!" yells Lauren as she soars through the air.

"it's like a roller coaster without sitting there on anything," says Houilion.

Another successful flight for Peter Pan and a job well done for Brian and Rob.

"I love what I do.

My job is to make Peter Pan fly. "

What's better than that?

Well maybe being Peter Pan.

Peter pan opens Monday November 18th and runs nightly at 7 p.m.

Except for Wednesday night.

There's also a matinee performance Sunday November 25th at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $5.

Amy Tatum reporting.