What would you name it?

By: Coleman Swierc - email

TYLER, Tx (KLTV) - It is the billion dollar question...that no one has an answer for.

What should the new Dallas Coowboys stadium be named?

We hit the streets to get the answer.

"Jerry Jones 'Pride and 'Joy stadium," said one East Texan.

"Cowboys USA Stadium," said another.

"How about team desperation? They keep trying everything else that they can do, hopefully this new stadium can give them some hope," said one proud East Texan.

All kidding aside, in just months the Cowboys will open their new facility.

But at a going rate of nearly 20-million-dollars a year for the naming rights, the new Cowboys stadium is just that, the new Cowboys stadium.

Former Cowboy and East Texas native Toby Gowin thinks the economy has much to do with it.

"Unfortunately, any large corporation jumping out to drop millions of dollars on stadium naming rights given our current economic situation will probably be heavily scrutinized." said Gowin

"Maybe they should just call it "JJ World Stadium" for now."

Others think the legendery Tom Landry should be the namesake.

"I believe that you should give honor where it is due," said one worker at Premier Fitness, "I believe that he deserves to be in it somewhere."

"I don't know if he would want to be part of that, I am sure they will try to work him in there, I am not sure how he feels about it to be honest," said another.

If all else fails,

"Keep it how it is, they are still in Texas, and the Cowboys are in Texas, and the franchise is not going to move," said one young Cowboys fan.

We want to know what you think. Comment below on what you think the Cowboys stadium should be named - or - send us an email at Cowboys Stadium Name