Worker Injured; Blood Supplies Low Again

A Tyler Waste Management employee is still in critical condition.

Lorenza Lockhart was seriously injured Tuesday, when a garbage truck accidentally backed over him. Lockhart slipped and fell behind the truck's wheel and his legs were crushed. Lockhart underwent surgery Tuesday.

This is the second serious work related accident in Tyler in two weeks. That has put the local blood supply at a critical level.

The Stewart Regional Blood Center says Tyler has less than a one day supply of blood. They say, if a crisis were to happen here, blood would have to be shipped in from other parts of the country to save lives in local hospitals. Even when donors respond to appeals for blood, it takes two days of testing and processing before those units can be used.

"With the tragedy of Mr. Lockhart that occurred yesterday," said Michelle Castle, Stewart Regional Blood Center Spokeswoman, "People have seen it in the news, so they're responding again. They're coming in and donating blood which is wonderful we like to see that. But the fact is we need to have the blood on the shelves before the tragedy occurs."

In an industrial accident at Ttyler Pipe two weeks ago, an employee needed over 200 units of blood to survive. Most of that had to come from other parts of the country.