Park Walkers Nervous After Tuesday's Stabbing

A Longview woman underwent emergency surgery after she was stabbed twice in the chest.

53-year old Angela Shirley Terri was stabbed Tuesday while she walked in Longpark off fourth street.

Wednesday, people who frequent that park are taking extra precautions.

Wednesday morning the crime scene tape has been removed, but only a few people decided to take their routine walk or run through Longpark.

"Normally there's a whole lot more people out here than you see now. But I imagine everybody got the newspapers and got spooked by it," says walker, Artez Watson.

And most people had heard the news of Tuesday's apparent random stabbing.

But others were just finding out.

The scenery along the path is what makes it so beautiful.

A winding road and tall trees give it that secluded feeling.

But that is what's making some people afraid.

They say that someone could be waiting in the woods.

"It lets you know now you can't come out here by yourself. You should come with maybe two or three people. Never come by yourself because you never know who's out here in these bushes now," says Amos Skinner.

"When you get around that bend, you're really out there on your own. If you scream you're most likely not gonna be heard," says Watson.

Most people we spoke with say they'll continue to walk this park but they'll take extra precautions.

"It's definitely changed our pattern here.  I have my cell phone and my mace just in case," says Watson.

But for one walker who just learned the news, she decided it was better not to walk at all.

Police say they are looking for a black male in his late teens or early twenties.

The victim, Angela Terri, remains hospitalized at Longview Regional hospital in guarded condition.