''I usually think of it as a bridge''

By Maya Golden - bio | email

JEFFERSON, TX (KLTV)--  Tuesday was not about score cards.

Fifteen-year-old Shay Logan just wanted to play some good golf in her very first tournament appearance. 

"I'm kind of nervous but it's going away as I go," Shay said. "I've been doing okay but, I'm having a great time and that's really what matters."

When Shay was born, her arms did not fully develop. They are about half the size of most teenagers arm length.

She never let that discourage her.

"I usually think of it as a bridge," Shay explained. "You go over it, you get used to it. You adjust to it. So, as I adjust to many other things I can adjust to golf."

"I was amazed at how well she adapted to the game of golf because it is one of the harder games to learn to play," golf instructor Ned Fratangelo said.

It was Shay's Jefferson teammates that decided to give Shay her first opportunity to play in a tournament. One player sat out so Shay could tee-off.

"It was great to watch the joy on her face," Ned said of telling Shay she would play. "You could also see the fear in her eyes and I said this is not about a low score, this is about enjoying the game."

"I want to thank them so much," Shay said of her teammates. "They're very supportive in everything. It really feels like an accomplishment."

Shay took up golf last year after watching her sister play. She has shown nothing but devotion to practicing the sport she loves.

"Everyday, after school," She explained. "Then sometimes on Saturday's I come (to the course)."

"Then sometimes I putt in my house when I'm not supposed to," she laughed.

"She's just one of those young ladies that nothing is going to hold her back," Ned said. "She's going to do whatever she wants to do."

Shay and the Jefferson girls golf team finished the tournament in first place Tuesday afternoon. Shay shot a 104.

She is also a member of the Jefferson varsity cheerleading squad.