Nursing Home Comparison

We've heard the stories of nursing home abuse.

It's something no one ever wants a loved one to face. So when you have to put a relative in a nursing home, like Doris Mathis did, you're faced with a lot of tough decisions.

"Whenever you can't care for your loved one at home, then you want to find the best place where you feel they will get adequate and quality care," says Doris.

So Doris headed to the world wide web to help make her decision. She logged onto and found a list of every nursing home in the nation, along with a ranking of what they do well, what they fail to do, and how many residents have been harmed.

"I think it helped me," says Doris.

After doing her research she chose Oakbrook Health Care Center in Whitehouse because it scored so well.

Sue Burford works at Oakbrook ands says the web site is an invaluable tool when picking a nursing home. But she admits, it takes more than a web site.

"If they have an opportunity to ask other family members or resident because that's the best indication. Are the residents happy, well groomed, and is the staff happy. Are they caring people?"

Doris used both options and she and her mom are very happy.